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I'm new

Hey I just wanted to say that I'm glad I found this community because most people who know I'm a wiccan make fun of me cuz of it.I'm happy I finally found some place where I fit in.
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Welcome! I hope you like it here. It is a shame that society that is supposed to be "modern" and "accepting" is still in the Middle Ages when it comes to religion. I myself am a Lutheran Christian with influences from both Catholicism and Wiccan/Witchcraft.
ive always been told that catholics are the closest religion to wiccans. what do you think?
sad to hear that your friends make fun of me. i think some of mine dont know what to expect.. its like im not as weird as they think i should be then i do something and their like ok wtf? and it would be related to being wiccan.
btw i LOVE that song.. lol
here if you wanna have a lj friend