dark_maitresse (dark_maitresse) wrote in free_belief,

MM and new

MM all,
I am new to the community...obviousley..hehehe and for  some reason i never looked for other pagan/alternitive belief journals.....

I am a 29 yr old stay at home mother of 3 married to the military.....till august (thank the goddess). I have just been ordaned High Priestess it has taken several yrs of study but i had finally made it. Over the past weekend i preformed my sisters handfasting oh what an honor and exciteing it was. We are working on getting our coven together .

My family and i are in the SCA, kingdom of AN Tir, liveing in shire of wyewood, and members of Clan Carn.

My business "The Velvet Dragon" is a family business of  jewelry by my mother,meads by my husband,period clothing,hand made ritual  oils ,and candle are by me. we also offer cerimonial ritual services.
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